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Searching for a miracle

If Albert Einstein be with us, would he help us to find a miracle in the current situation? Or maybe anybody else will?

Events Video

How to attract and keep students – Teaching tango online series

In this video, Chris and Alison, tango teachers in Wales and Andrea, tango teacher in Montreal, Canada will share:

The discoveries they made teaching students online during the pandemic
How to attract new students
How to be more present for the students
How to engage with beginners or less experienced students in the class

We hope you will enjoy listening!


Including Expansion & Contraction in your Dance Practice

In this video you will learn about Tai Chi and how we can practise it to improve our body flexibility and movement capacity.

You will learn about the power of expansion and contracting.

We have drawn parallels between Tango and Tai Chi delving deeper into the philosophy of Tai Chi.

After watching it, tell us what resonated the most with you?


How to overcome unhelpful behavioural patterns – part 1

Have you ever find yourself in life, where the same situation with people or circumstances (that are not necessarily pleasant or good for your well-being) repeat itself all over and over again? Share if you can what kind of situations happen to you?

In this video, I am using a tango concept to explain why it happens.

This will bring you more awareness and with the awareness, you can begin to shift these patterns to your advantage.

Share if you are willing and how you want to go about it?


How tango meets 6 human needs

Intimacy, security, the sense that we matter… is tango dancing fulfiling these needs and more? Listen to Ieva and tell us what you think.


How to deal with hard feelings?

Sometimes people in our life can trigger different feelings in us. As an example that maybe confusion, feeling of stuckness,…