My Philosophy

Nurturing the inner dancer

My name is Jesus S. Acosta and I dance to be just who I am.

I believe that connecting to our body –breath, feelings and sensations– is fundamental for being a whole, functional, human being.

I believe that the more we accept and love all parts of ourselves, the more we can embrace others without judgment.

Dancing from inside, following our primal rhythms, is the way for sweet attunement and flows in our tango.

An environment of heartfelt embracing heals everyone.

I believe unconditional, fearless love is possible, and that love includes the full range of who we are.

How did I get here?

One threshold at a time

I woke up one morning with a nagging voice inside, a desire to start a new creative project. It was November 2019 and I was hungry for expression.

At the time, I was attending a weekly 5Rhythms practice in London and feeling compelled to share findings and thoughts triggered by freely moving my body in a collective of dancers.

The idea of creating a new website/blog about dance and movement resonated strongly inside.

Very soon, in collaboration with Ieva Kelpsaite, Dance in Conversation was born, a confluence of perspectives, a community engaged in understanding how dancing transforms our lives.

My wells

The Moon and its magic, and being close to nature and its teachings is the current state of affairs I thank Tilda Storm for. She always brings depth and inspiration to my days.

Magic and devotion are central in the world I’ve witnessed with Vaishnavi Brassey. She introduced me to kirtans, spiritual singing, improv circles, and the forest. She has challenged me to walk the path of full and honest expression of my needs and desires.

In the last few years, the Embodied Intimacy community has become my nook for learning to be a real, loving, and open man.

I crave solitude with the same intensity as I long for a hug. There is beauty in connecting to oneself while expecting a rain of others’ love. It’s where I am today: Into me, seeing others.

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