Dance in Conversation

“There is a rhythm in the flow that’s come out of your groups, which is fascinating.”

Patricia Nunn
Tango teacher and psychotherapist

“We are starved for connection, communication… and a talk like this… you kind of want to hold onto it.”

Veronica Toumanova
Tango teacher and writer

“It’s been wonderful… to be able to reflect, analyze and make contact with other people.”

Madeline Lees
Tango community leader

“I feel like the depth’s brought to the surface. These conversations are so inspiring.”

Alla Petcheniouk
Tango dancer

“These conversations have gifted me with many new insights, reflections and connections… Such a joy to be part of.”

Tilda Storm
Life coach/tarot reader

Relationships, presence
and connection

Dance in Conversation was born in 2019 as a monthly live event in London, where we explore, through movement, the concepts of relationships, presence and connection.

When the pandemic started, we went online and kept the conversation going with communities of dancers, therapists and teachers around the world.

Dancing to reaffirm our humanity

Ieva and I put together this text only for the subscribers of the Dance in Conversation newsletter, but given the ongoing events in Ukraine, we have…

Happy 2022!

One highlight, one hope. The best for 2022 from and for the tango community

The power of imperfect teams

There is only one rule I would say it is essential to be an effective team: always speak the truth. For me that’s both a radical…

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