Dance in Conversation

Connection and presence

Dance in Conversation started as a monthly live event in London, where we explore, through movement, the concepts of relationships, connection and presence.

With COVID-19 quarantine, we decided to create this space to keep the conversation going.

It is a vast space

Between one meeting and the next, between two people dancing tango, between now and our encounter again, between a done task and the next in the…

What keeps me going

Why I do what I do, what keeps me moving… philosophical questions of an early morning walk by the Thames. Some answers came up along the…

Lessons of tango: leading

Yesterday I led. Yesterday I experienced the wondrous feeling of being fully read. Someone got me, understood me, someone trusted me. Someone responded to my hints…

Lessons of tango: arriving

It’s certainly possible to move forward and never arrive yourself. It’s that kind of movement you do when you are absent, a movement without a soul….

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Help support our events!

Your contributions help us to keep creating and organising free and open conversations related to dance. On these events, we explore a range of topics from body awareness, relationships and personal growth to storytelling on the dance floor.

So, if you can, consider donating here.

Projects we are supporting in 2021

Tango Natural

Support a tango community that is also a place of solidarity, freedom and creativity.

Tango Partner

Connect with nearby Tango friends & teachers. Be a part of the local Tango scene, everywhere.

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