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How tango communities will grow and interact

After a year of difficulties for many local tango communities, Dimitris Bronowski, editor and tango dancer, is going to share with us what’s the next big thing that is ready to transform the way tango communities change, interact, and grow.

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Dance in Conversation started as a monthly live event in London, where we explore, through movement, the concepts of relationships, connection and presence.

With COVID-19 quarantine, we decided to create this space to keep the conversation going.

Lessons of Tango: walking

Tango helps you walk straighter and stand taller. Yes, it is a technique, but it is also an attitude. The standing foot supports and creates the…

The open doors of tango

These are the highlights of a fantastic conversation with Sonja and Darko, creators of Tango Natural Belgrade. They are sharing their vision and how they built…

Projects we are supporting in 2021

Tango Natural

Support a tango community that is also a place of solidarity, freedom and creativity.

Tango Partner

Connect with nearby Tango friends & teachers. Be a part of the local Tango scene, everywhere.

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