I am half blind without others

Listening to others shows us how much we need each other. That’s the magic of partnerships and the unique gifts that come from dancing all together.

I was not seeing.

For days I got convinced that our website needed a button to enable bookings and reservations for events.

So, I rolled up my sleeves and researched extensively the technical options available. It was not simple and struggled about what could be best.

Then, one evening, Ieva dispelled my dilemmas in one second: “But, we don’t really need that”.

She saw it in an instant and in that instant it became obvious to me. The way we run events doesn’t require that kind of complex functionality.

What I was thinking? I wasn’t. Or maybe I was thinking and just a little bit too much. Without seeing.

That conversation brought me back a memory of my holidays. I’m a man of too many blind spots. However, that one at the beach was way riskier.

The tide was low and waves were softly crashing far away from the shore. The bay was empty and it felt safe to walk into the flat wet sand and feel all the ondulations on my soles.

I reached a little hill, just inches from the water. And stood there feeling part of the world and the ocean. Closing my eyes I let myself get immersed in the sounds. That rhythm of the water and the wind caressing my face was enough to feel a sense of wholeness and gratitude.

I stayed there for minutes, until a voice woke me up.


I thought I was the only soul in that beach.

“The tide is coming in!”, said the voice.

At that moment, standing on my little hill, I realised I was completely surrounded by water.

Feeling embarrassed, I think I said ‘thank you”, pretending I was okay and perfectly aware. But I wasn’t. I had to move from there quickly.

The tide was rising fast and I simply didn’t see it.

I could have stayed in my little paradise unaware of the risk surrounding me.

Someone watched my back.

Someone was seeing what I could not.

How quickly a wide horizon can become tunnel vision.

We need others to go further. We may feel sufficient in our individuality and do a lot, but as soon as we start listening to other voices, we can see how limited we all are in the end and how much we need each other.

That’s the magic of partnerships, the secret sauce of teams and clubs, and the unique gifts that come from dancing all together.

We are preparing a workshop about the power of teams, where we intend to explore with tango dancers and teachers what happens when we start working with others. We will announce the date and time in our newsletter.

You don’t need bookings on our site for that.

By Sergio Acosta

At heart, I am a story-teller. As a creative writer and designer, I tell stories on the web, on paper, and sometimes I scribble random lines on the dance floor.

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