A humorous poem for Halloween

They said (at first) it was just six
ghosts knocking on one door
But then they changed their minds again
And it was only four
And every ghost should wear a mask
And stand six feet away
With all their hats and broomsticks washed
At least three times a day

And all the covens had to close
An hour before sunset
With ectoplasm never shared
With those you rarely met
And where the fear was spreading fast
They introduced new laws
All ghosts and ghouls could only haunt
Their victims out-of-doors

But when the fateful night arrived
No monsters could be seen
No witches flying, cackling loud
No sudden piercing scream
Instead the creatures of that night
Were laying low with dread
Of track and trace, not trick and treat
The stupid, not the dead.

By Robin

I love to dabble in dance, and have tried quite a few (tango of course, the queen of dances but perhaps the most challenging); salsa, zouk, bachacha, hula, samba, and even a little Japanese fan dance. In the good old days I used to travel lot, and tried to dance wherever I landed. Now I just have to imagine the dance, and really appreciate the help of my friends to keep me in step.

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