What moves you?

By Jesus Acosta

When I was learning my first steps in tango, there was this persistent question in my head: how to initiate the next move.

I wanted to understand the mechanics of letting my partner know when it was time to change weight, step forwards or backwards, or make a pause. If I was the leader, I was thinking, there must be a clear way to signal, invite or suggest a move.

Then, one day, in a tango class in London, my teacher Silvia Bivolaru shared with me this little secret.

We were doing a simple exercise: my partner was closing her eyes, I was leading and trying different moves, then my partner was supposed to respond without seeing.

Silvia was observing for a few moments, then at one point, she walked towards me and whispered to my ear: “it is something internal”.

In that instant, I got it. It was not how, but what.

I realised right there that unless I connect to that “internal” thing I would never be able to dance any tango.

It was not the kind of manual I was expecting, like “move the chest up, push a leg, elevate your upper body, orient an arm”. Maybe all that is involved, but the key lesson was that what matters is the energy coming from inside, an intention rooted deeply, subtle and, still, clear.

I tried one more time.

I closed my eyes, I followed my inner intention and to my surprise, my partner started responding magically.

The body has its own way of seeing, an intelligence, a rhythm mixed with music, intentions and desires.

I can only extend that experience into daily life and track what is actually moving me every moment.

It is an energy, the energy of initiation, that defines and persists during whole journeys and sequences. When I am present and grounded, that energy could be pure love and undivided attention. But it can also be full of shadow and fear, with impulses to impress, or please or win.

This concept, the Energy of Initiation, was described in a Facebook post by Rachel Rickards, another teacher of mine I tend to listen to.

For some time now I have been tracking this thing I like to call “The Energy of Initiation”

Which is simply the energy that initiates into being… any creative project, a partnership, relationships, a job or something as basic as cooking a meal.

What I have found pretty consistently -but surely not without fail- Is that the energy that initiates something into being is a through line, and core sentiment to what I will feel or the fractal that will play-out throughout the life of that entity.

Rachel Rickards

What is moving me? What energy I am bringing to the embrace? What moves me when I am out and about in my life?

Questions I’m entertaining as the end of the year approaches.

Ieva is taking a break

My creative partner, Ieva Kelpsaite, is taking a break from organising events. She wants to focus entirely on her business as a relationship coach and expand her dancing skills.

I’m already missing her input, but I am also inspired to keep leading this project and explore and experiment with new possibilities, tracking what the community needs today.

During the pandemic, Dance in Conversation offered a much needed space for dialogue when it was not dancing at all. Hundreds of dancers joined us and we dived deep into topics like presence, attachment styles, boundaries, love and relationship dynamics on the dance floor.

The spirit of this project has always been keeping the dance alive even when we are not dancing, taking our steps and rhythms into real life.

A new year is coming and with it a new Dance in Conversation is making its way.

Stay attuned


“Dance Is Spirit Moving The Body”

A conversation with dancer and choreographer Mike Tyus about his movement language and how dance can be a borderless vessel for exploration, expression, and community-building.

The Energy of Initiation

Rachel is a leader in the field of personal transformation, intimacy, embodiment, and relating. This is the Facebook post I mentioned above about The Energy of Initiation. Worth a read.

Dancing with Intuition

Hans Peter Meyer

Hans Peter Meyer, experienced tango teacher and embodiment coach, helps us understand our capacity to perceive the energy around us, our own energy and the energy of our partner. This is part of the Dance in Conversation Video Library, and the trailer I’m sharing here is very short, but juicy.

A little invitation

Before the end of the year, I will share a little video where I and few other dancers/friends are expressing and sharing what has moved us and has been precious in our lives in 2023. It is a little video project I am producing and editing.

If you want to be part of it, send me a direct message or reply to this email and I’ll send you back an invite with more information.