So, shall we dance…?

Shall we wait until the pandemic is over?

The physical dance is closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus.

Any other face to face dance experience

Almost all dance websites are displaying temporary announcements like the above, with more or fewer words.

The offering is reduced to online to try and recreate a class, an atmosphere, a connection. In many ways, that is working.

We have seen multiple examples of creative efforts via Zoom, where teachers and community organizers are showing great innovation, despite restrictions all around.

We also have few inspiring experiments of face to face dancing.

A salsa teacher in Madrid shows a singular class that follows social distance rules and still creates connection.

Dancing solo, in your living-room, is not to be dismissed even if it’s tango.

We need dance, its therapeutic benefits are proven in countless studies.

During a conversation with Patricia Nunn, a therapist and a tango teacher, it was pointed out the importance of dance as a centering device to deal with current mental health issues.

The video of that conversation will be available in our forum soon.

So, shall we wait until the pandemic is over? Is it the lockdown just a big excuse for not standing up, move our body and maybe going the extra mile with our steps?

Maybe not.

So, shall we dance…?

By Sergio Acosta

At heart, I am a story-teller. As a creative writer and designer, I tell stories on the web, on paper, and sometimes I scribble random lines on the dance floor.

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