Beyond the surface

COURSE: Tango and the Art of Communication that brings us closer

The way we communicate with others can have a profound effect on the quality of our relationships. Many times we are distracted or self-absorbed. Sometimes with the best intentions, we want to change the other, based on our own views and desires. We make an effort, we try our best, but the other is not responding the way we hoped for. What happens, in the end, is that our communication becomes not genuine.

In one of our latest podcast episodes, audio or video, we expand on why we face challenges in our communication.

Tango offers a model that could allow us to change problematic dynamics. In tango we learn to be present, move with energy and connect at levels beyond what’s on the surface. This is the subject we’ll be exploring in the course “Beyond the surface. Tango and the Art of Communication that brings us closer”. 

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