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Ieva Kelpsaite

Ieva Kelpsaite

I am a qualified advanced relationship coach, a tango dancer and co-creator of Dance in Conversation, a space to explore tango as a tool for understanding relationships, communication and interactions between people and within the tango community.

I believe that tango can show our great capacity for presence, holding space, allowing, letting go and other fundamental principles of relationships. I have been working with these principles and using them in my coaching practice, leading many relationship workshops for the tango community and in workplaces and as part of building my own professional practice. I have honoured these principles through my own personal relationships too. My mission has been to expand them in our everyday life and within the tango community so that people can experience a greater connection with each other.

Having a degree in psychology and a Master in Cross-cultural psychology provided me with a strong foundation for my current practice.

Sergio Acosta

Sergio Acosta

I am a communication consultant, writer and tango dancer.

For more than two years, as a co-founder of Dance in Conversation, I’ve been organising events and workshops with a strong emphasis on relationships and communication dynamics between dancers.

Tango has been my teacher and my inspiration for real-life situations: with tango, I can walk with purpose, listen intently to people around me and make myself present at any given moment. On the dance floor, even as a beginner, I’ve been learning to lead from within and to meet my partner where she is.

After a decade of working for the BBC and media outlets, I have nurtured skills to find the meaning and the stories behind conversations. I bring my listening skills and curiosity to facilitate deeper connections in groups and between individuals. Learn more

Together, we are crafting this space, making decisions based on feedback from the community around us.

If you have an idea on how to improve the experience on this website or suggest a topic for the events we are running every month, feel free to contact us via Facebook, on the forum or by email.

It would be great to hear from you.

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