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Freedom Dance

Dancing is now a prohibited activity during the current dance pandemic…

It’s been 2 years since the restrictions have been imposed. People around the world are advised to not dance, the motion of dance, combined with music creates a chemical reaction in the brain and body which causes the Covid21 virus to become more active. Well that’s what the lawmakers say, but there is suspicion around this new law. Many believe it is false, fabricated by the political systems to stop people having there right of expression. But why? The research conducted is not conclusive, and many independent researchers have refuted these claims. A deep conspiracy that appears to be the the second step in a global takeover they say.

If the people can’t dance, their will is weakened. The person who is weak at their will, is easy to control. But local dance groups have found that dancing together or in large numbers for long periods actually does the opposite of the reported claims. The virus weakens, the will strengthens, the host gets stronger and the more people dance together the faster the speed of recovery.
The streets are filled with people fighting the police, who have attempted to shut down many underground, illegal dance gatherings. The dancers are refusing to stop and where possible, they will try to coerce the officers into a hypothetical tango. But really, they are trying to just get them to feel the music and dance with them.

Irish dancers standing side by side with Salsa and street dancers. Russian ballerinas take up their tutus and line the streets with their ballet shoes. Word is spreading to all corners of the world and more people are taking up the call to just dance and save lives. Even the most remote regions are participating and dances that were once forgotten are showing up in unexpected places, cities and villages alike.

Armed forces have tried to combat the movement by removing all music playing devices from peoples’ homes, all phone manufactures have been advised to disable all music playing software from their products. But the people responded with their voices, singing loudly and making music by clapping and stomping their feet, banging anything that could make a sound, and blowing into anything that would produce a tone. Tubes, pipes, hoover tubes, home-made instruments are all now the instruments of change.

The silent walkers have become the frontline of the syncopated liberation dance movement. As this night draws to a close, there are reports coming in that officials are backing down and more people are embracing their inner dancer. We’ll see what things look like in the morning but for now it appears that the people are now leading the dance to freedom.

By Rob Wilson

I'm a digital media specialist with a passion for photography, videography, and visual design. I've worked on commercial and artistic shoots for arts organisations, charites, mult-national corporations, local and national government bodies, UK and internationally
For me, I try to capture what I feel. Photographers are visual story tellers. But beyond this, I work to translate the signifcance of imagery into everyday life
My press work has appeared in print and online for leading media institutions including The Times, The Independent, The Scotsman and The Irish Times Magazine, many photos have also been featured in books and on TV.

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