Learning the art of building a tango community

Building a community and keeping it engaged is an art and a commitment. There are specific skills required and we want to share with you what we have learnt so far on this journey.

Building a community is not an easy endeavour. It is an art that requires vision, commitment and a well-defined set of skills. We have created three areas of knowledge that will help you to learn and practice the key skills to create an inclusive, engaged and supportive community.

We are Ieva, a tango dancer and relationship coach with wide experience as an event organiser, and Sergio, former BBC journalist, a writer and a creative web designer.

Combining our skills on dance, relationships and media, we have created an online community that is evolving around conversations where tango is the central thread.

Our audience has grown from four or five attendees to over 60 people from different parts of the world. Our conversations went from no engagement to people asking questions and sharing their experiences generously, keen to stay online longer than the event has been planned for and coming back again next time.

We made mistakes along the way, and learning from them we kept improving our approach, developing abilities and introducing practices that make those events alive, warm and fully engaged.

We are now sharing this experience to help you at being an effective community leader.

How it works

We created three areas of knowledge and each area is a separate consultation session.

  • The art of building relationships.
  • Re-discovering your vision.
  • The power of storytelling.

You may choose one of them, whichever feels more relevant or all of them. On each area, we explore in-depth topics with your team and adapt it to your specific vision and community needs.

We will have with you and your team a preliminary session of Discovery, where we’ll be able to brainstorm ideas and create a plan with you together.


The art of building relationships

The connection between people is possible regardless of which medium you are using, in person or online. We only need to become strong in our skills building genuine relationships with our audience and within our team. Watch to find out more.


Rediscovering your vision

Reconsidering our vision or how we want to go about achieving our goals is never easy but not impossible. Having a strong vision built on shared principles and values will give you confidence, direction to pursue your goals. It will make your journey easier and clearer. Watch more to find out why.


Harness the power of storytelling

No matter the medium you prefer, you will learn to communicate effectively so that your message will build deep relationships with your current community and reach wider audiences. That is possible with story-driven communication. Watch the video to learn why.

Next steps

Contact us at info@danceinconversation.co.uk to arrange a discovery session. This is a conversation, where we will find out what your needs and goals are. This session is complimentary, included as a part of the initial process.

Choose the right solution that fits your needs

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2 consultations


3 consultations


We look forward to work with you!