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Let’s be quiet

During my years working for the BBC, we received training about interviewing techniques and one advice that stuck with me…

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Embodying leadership with Ieva Kelpsaite

I’ve been touched by Ieva’s abilities as a community leader. She has also been the most trustful partner I could ever have in Dance in Conversation. Honouring International Women’s Day.

How tango communities will grow and interact

After a year of difficulties for many local tango communities, Dimitris Bronowski, editor and tango dancer, is going to share with us what’s the next big thing that is ready to transform the way tango communities change, interact, and grow.

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Tango Perspectives: developing a healthier attachment style

Highlights of an interactive event, where we explored the theory of Attachment and how tango can help us develop a secure attachment style.


Lessons of Tango: walking

Tango helps you walk straighter and stand taller. Yes, it is a technique, but it is also an attitude. The…

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Why tango transforms the notion of love

Why tango is so powerful and lead us to redefine our love relationships

How tango transforms the notion of love with Veronica Toumanova

Have you ever considered how sometimes tango adds to our relationship or challenges it? Some of us would have had…

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The perfect connection

In tango communities around the world, we are re-discovering our capacity to create a perfect connection even with a failing wifi.


The open doors of tango

These are the highlights of a fantastic conversation with Sonja and Darko, creators of Tango Natural Belgrade. They are sharing their vision and how they built an inclusive and vibrant tango community.


Into 2021

In 2020, I didn’t practice with my tango teacher. We didn’t meet again for another lesson, so I missed the…