A conversation with your body

How many times we give our body instructions, techniques, exercises, directions and it simply doesn’t move as we want. Maybe it’s time to start listening…

The other day while discussing the next topic for our writing practice, Ieva suggested the concept of “a conversation with your body”.

We thought it was a rich idea, one that could take our pens in different directions.

Think about what we store in our body. As dancers we sense that all the time.

All those energies, memories, traumas, habits stored in our body.

The idea of overcoming illness or disabilities, or fear and rigidity. What our body is telling us when it doesn’t do what we are telling it to do?

Are we listening to it? 

How many times we give it instructions, techniques, exercises, directions and it simply doesn’t move as we want.

Our Writing Club is now brewing stories with this concept and I cannot wait to read what will come out in the end.

In the meantime this week we have two great opportunities to trigger even more powerful insights about our body.

Including expansion and contraction in your dancing practice
Alex Hall has spent 20 years practising and acquiring the wisdom of Chinese Martial Arts. He will share with us a few concepts from Tai Chi to help us understand how our body work and what we can do to make it work better for us as dancers.

Introduction to chakras and how it can help you heal
Alessio Barone is a holistic chartered physiotherapist with over 2 decades spent studying and working with the human body. He will introduce us to the fascinating world of chakras.

Click on the events and show your interest to receive a Zoom link for each session.

And if you are interested in joining the Writing Club, to learn and practice creative writing, login to the forum and tell us a bit why writing is important to you. We will send you all the details for the upcoming session.

By Sergio Acosta

At heart, I am a story-teller. As a creative writer and designer, I tell stories on the web, on paper, and sometimes I scribble random lines on the dance floor.

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